Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just another rainy week in Leamington Spa :-)

      This week we listened to the very interesting talk by Oliver Sacks. He gave a talk at Warwick University (where my husband works, and that is how we found out about it) where Oliver Sacks is also a visiting profesor. To be honest I didn't have an idea of who he was even though he is very famous outside academia as well. One of his books was made into the movie Awakenings  (which I also never watched) with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. The lecture was open to the general public and it was amazing to see how he presented the topic simply, without pretension, so anyone without any knowledge of psychiatry could easily follow with great interest. He is also very charismatic and funny. While drinking water from a small glass flask he was spontaneously slipping in jokes about it.
      The lecture was about his professional journey as a psychiatrist but from a story telling perspective. His talk did not sound like a talk from a doctor. Every case he presented would follow a real world story, and one of those really stuck with me. He was talking about one patient, who was a writer, and one morning realized that he could not read anymore (I found this essay about it by Oliver Sacks in the NY Times). He said the paper he would read every morning suddenly seamed like they are printed in some foreign language like Armenian or Serbo-Croatian (yes he actually said Serbo-Croatian :-)...). How the patient dealt with the problem I found very interesting. He explained he still knew how to write but his brain had lost the ability to read; so he would follow the lines of letters with his finger and process the words in that way. Or he would "write" with his tongue in the back of his teeth and read the words by "writing" them out. It is amazing how humans adapt to a new situation and develop new uncommon skills in order to (survive) carry on.

  To lighten up this rainy Sunday afternoon, I am adding some pictures from our favorite tea place in Leamington Spa. It's called Vinteas, it's cute and very Alice in Wonderlandish and we just came back from there. They have amaaazing cakes and cookies, and we found out they are getting them from The Cakery. The Cakery is one block away from us (everything is one block away to be honest :-)...) which is good and bad at the same time.

Everything is served on vintage china which can also be rented for private parties. I think we should do that when we have friends visitting from abroad. To properly serve our 5pm tea :-).


  1. Evo Marko i ja smo pregledali detaljno blog:))) Moram ti rci da je on odusevljen pozadinombloga i o onome sto pises:)) Kaze kad budemo negde isli mozemo doci i videti sta nam Ivana nudi:)) Saljem kiss,:****

    1. Hehehe moze, moze....ovo malo mjestasce je dusu dalo za slikanje i uzivanciju.....i silni dvorci okolo....i naravno London.....hvala vam drugari :-). Ljubic


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