Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Coventry Transport Museum

       We visited Coventry Transport Museum on our day trip to Coventry and I had thought of adding this as one of the details in the post about Coventry, but I couldn't pick just one or two pictures only and decided to give the museum its own post. There is something romantic and mysterious about the 30s not just about the cars from that time, but also fashion, hairdos, pearls....or it's just me?

      To be honest we were a little bit skeptical about a "museum" of transport.......c'mon!?!? But we were positively surprised by the car collection.

       Our favorite car was:

A 1933 Jaguar

       It would be great if we could buy a Jaguar today for only 385 pounds :-). The company that manufactured this elegant car changed its name in 1945 to Jaguar. Before it was called SS Cars Ltd.  and it changed the company name because of its infamous SS abbreviation. Take another look at the plaque eagle with an SS sign.....1945.....bad marketing!!!

Jaguar has a big impact in the car industry and in the Warwickshire region as well. When my husband arrived here last year in september, he had a hard time finding an apartment since Jaguar had hired a couple of thousand new employees from all over the world. I met a couple of Brazilian wives of Jaguar engineers in the gym as well.

        In the entrance to the museum they had the 999 Emergency vehicles Exhibition

Inside they had their regular collection. Here you can find more details on the make and model of each car in the collection, horse power and all other details.

             Since we were meeting a friend close by, we did not have enough time to see the whole collection. According to their website, it seems we missed the best part. We will be back to the Coventry Transport Museum and I will give you an update as well!


  1. it must have been a huge exhibition hold up all these vintage cars. So interesting to see these photos!

    1. The exhibition is impressive! We had so much fun, I love vintage cars.

  2. thanks for ur comments :) hope ure having a good time in the weekend too.

    1. The weekend is rainy and cold.....but that is a perfect excuse to stay in with a glass of wine and a good movie :-).

  3. Really awesome :D

    Happy sunday!



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