Sunday, April 28, 2013

Royal Leamington Spa

              I am officially in love with this little village! Every day I discover one more thing that leaves me completely stunned. Leamington's population is about 49500. I keep calling it village because it looks very residential and most of the town consists of private houses. Only one street looks more like a town or a small city which is the Parade, the main street. But even there, apartment buildings are only two or three stories tall.

              Spring finally reached the UK and we went for a walk to a nearby park, Jephson Gardens, to discover that Leamington has a little botanical garden. The Temperate House has an admiring collection  representing plant evolution for the past 500 million years. They also have a small goldfish basin.

The Temperate House at Leamington Spa

As an extension to the glasshouse there is a restaurant, which is a very popular wedding venue. It's called Jephson's Brasserie. You can find some nice pictures here. The restaurant overlooks the small river Leam which flows through Leamington and it's a great place for a weekend brunch unless it's booked for a private event. 

The whole park looks amazing, it has two little lakes and a river so you can rent small boats or kayaks at The Leam Boat Center. It has a big green lawn and in some way reminds me of Central Park a little bit :-). The weather was great that day and everyone was out, hanging out on the lawn, playing frisbee. That is what I loved about NY as well, everyone considers Central Park their own backyard.  

Jephson Gardens

We left the park through a different gate and spotted some really nice residences, in a part of town we had never been to before. If I ever doubted the "Royal" in Royal Leamington Spa, I was convinced right there in that neighborhood. Most of the houses looked like the kind of residence where James Bond would live. Or maybe it's just because of the car. 
Posh neighborhood in Leamington

          On a sunny day like this, everyone is out sun tanning with a cup of espresso. I love that because it reminds me of back home. Everyone in the Balkans sips on a cup of coffee in their favorite local place, where the coffee to go is socially unacceptable. Something similar is going on in Astoria and its 30th avenue, the Balkans of NY. 

        Leamington really has everything one would need. An extensive list of restaurants and coffee places (you can find more on the link for the visitors guides below), an impressive list of shops (I mentioned some of them in one of my previous posts here). Leamington has a great shopping mall, Royal Priors, and a very posh department store, House of Fraser. It also has a small Apple reseller.

          There is absolutely no need going to London or Birmingham for anything, this little place has it all.  We also discovered a very interesting bar this week. We were rushing and running around the town looking for a place where we could watch Borussia Dortmund - Real Madrid. At one place we peeked in, we saw a TV on and people staring with a lot of interest so we naively thought, that was it, only to find out that they were watching a horse race. Silly Brits :-). After asking around and exploring the rainy streets of Leamington we finally arrived to The Duke. The place was full even though it was the middle of the week. I guess of all the places around, Leamington is the number one place to live in while studying at Warwick University.  We had so much fun at The Duke, the local draft was amazing, we even loved the "horse meat burgers" :-). Everything except the outcome of the 
game :-(.

The Duke has three huge TV screens, a pool table and also two private booths where you can play Nintendo Wii and PS3. 

 Like a real pro, Leamington has its own visitors guides and maps. The variety of restaurants is just impressive: Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian, French, Thai and more.

Leamington version of zagat :-)

From top right down - the Parade main street in Leamington,  Royal Priors shopping center and City Hall,
On the left - goldfish at the Temperate House Botanical Garden

Here is the link for the visitor guides above. Since I didn't squeeze out everything Leamington has to offer you will be reading about this lovely place more!


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    1. Thanks :-). Lovely indeed. This little village is such a surprise!

  2. Beautiful!!! thank you so much for your visit!!! I follow you by Bloglovin!
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    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. Thank you! I am in love with your very artful blog!

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    1. Very, very cute definitely! Come visit :-)

  4. Wow, everything here just looks so gorgeous! I love the koi pond!

    1. It's an amazing little village. I love it indeed! :-)


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