Sunday, May 26, 2013


    Long sandy beaches, beautiful Mediterranean sun and great food are things that I expected, what I was surprised about is Mallorca's rich history, hundreds of roundabouts and cycling turism

    Going to Mallorca was a natural choice, first because it's homeland(island) to one of us and second because it's a direct flight from Birmingham and only a 2h 25min long flight. Mallorca is one of the four Balearic islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera which form a province of Spain, with Palma as a capital city. Mallorca is the largest island of the four, hence the name maior larger, as opposed to Menorca minor smaller. 

    On May 3rd we arrived to Palma before noon, picked up a rental car and with the map in our hands we drove all the way across the island (1h :-)...) to the northeast beach Alcudia. Playa de Muro in Alcudia Bay was our base but we had a chance to see most of the island in the four days we were there.  
    Mallorca has around 300 different beaches and some of them, like Formentor, remind me of the Adriatic coast a little bit. Formentor is a small hidden Mallorca bay in the north (fourth picture below). 

Playa de Muro

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