Friday, June 21, 2013


             This is our favorite coffee place in Leamington Spa. It's called Vinteas. I mentioned it before in one of my posts so you can see some more pictures of this amazing place here. It looks magical! You feel like you are in a fairy tale. It is sooooooo Alice in Wonderlandish! It brings out the child in me!

             But the best part is that, at the same time, it's not just the looks. They have an amazing choice of cakes, teas and coffee. Disclosure: I am writing this under the influence of chocolate! :-) I also discovered my favorite tea here (yes, at this age. Hey, I am from the Balkans, we drink tea only when we catch a cold). It is rooibos. The tea is served properly (in a small teapot) and since all of the teas are leaf teas (not from the bags) you get a little tea strainer. Everything looks super cute! We loooooove to come here!

            Most of their cakes are from The Cakery and Sweet As. The Cakery is an amazing little place with the best cakes and cupcakes. We stop by The Cakery very often :-). In fact we have a birthday coming up so watch out for us, Cakery. As for the Sweet As, we have not been there yet but it is definitely on our "to do" list :-).   

Friday, June 14, 2013

Look right - meaning look proper.....!?!?!

                      I think I will never get used to the "opposite side of the street" thing!!!

You can always easily spot the foreigner, we are always confused and we look several times each way until we get enough courage to cross :-). The position of pedestrian street lights is also super confusing. You would expect to look for the light on the other side of the street but it is actually next to you and if you are at a crossroad you start thinking whether this light is for you to cross or for the perpendicular branch of the cross road?!?!

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