Thursday, August 08, 2013

Coventry - Sarajevo and Belgrade's twin city!

        Coventry is about 18km away from Leamington Spa. As opposed to Leamington, this little city is industrial and a little bit run down. It is closer to the University of Warwick and I was shocked at first when my husband told me he would rent an apartment in Leamington. I was in New York at that time and by looking on the map it made more sense to live in Coventry, which is the second largest city in the West Midlands, as opposed to this small unknown village. He said I would see for myself. 

Despite Coventry's "bad" reputation I thought it was very cute. The day we visited was sunny and perfect and I had so much fun. When I told my one and only British friend that we spent the day in Coventry and that it was very cute she said (with dry British humor): "I have never heard anyone describing Coventry as cute!" :-) 

         Our coventry tour began with the famous Belgrade theater. Why Belgrade? It's because in 1953 the Yugoslav ambassador visited Coventry and offered timber from Yugoslavia to be used for a new city theater. The theater was named Belgrade and a few years later in 1957 Coventry and Belgrade got twinned. What also connects the two cities is that both were destroyed and rebuilt after WWII. In fact Belgrade was destroyed 38 times through history. In the same year, 1957, Coventry was twinned with Sarajevo too and I am sure there must be some ćevabdžinica hidden somewhere in Coventry :-)

      Coventry is also well known for its Transportation Museum. I wrote about it here. I had to make a separate post about the museum because I simply could not pick one or two pictures alone. There is something about the 30s; romantic and glamorous and always interesting. I loved every single car in the museum.   

Our next stop was a ruin of a Cathedral which was burned in WWII after 500 Nazi planes bombed Coventry. Today the ruins are a living icon of reconciliation and hope.   

Ruins of Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral ruins

One of the Coventry landmarks that survived the bombing is the Holy Trinity Church. 

Holy Trinity Church Coventry

      Before the WWII bombing, Coventry had a medieval look and people usually joke how Coventry was rebuilt after it burnt, but in a bad way. Below is a picture of one of the beautiful surviving wooden houses. If we take into account that most of the medieval houses have a wooden structure it is no surprise that Coventry burnt in The Blitz.

The Church on the picture below did not survive the bombs either. Only a spire survived which is home to a cafe bar called Inspire (In spire = Inspire).

Cafe bar Inspire

And of course we have visited one of the oldest pubs in Coventry called "The Old Windmill". It dates from the 16th century. 

                                                  One cannot dispute British pubs, that's for sure :-)!


  1. Cute??? OMG, it's just GORGEOUS... seriously, the pictures are just amazing!

    1. Yes it's amazing little city, I love it! We had so much fun that day!

  2. Wow, it looks amazing there! Such a pretty place! I really like your blog! I'm glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes and much more :) :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. I like your blog! Thanks to your blog I discovered great Zara sandals :-)

  3. Wonderful!!!! Belgrade theatre...I love it .....we missed to see this cute city :)

    1. Daaaaaaa sele bas sam danas pomislila kako ne odosmo u Koventri :-(.

  4. May I point out that we have a museum of transport ( Vehicles) -- not transportation ( The process of sending convicts to the colonies--- now discontinued)


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