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Dear diary.....just kidding, even though this is something like a diary of my notes and thoughts.

The reason I am writing in English (even though my first language is Serbian and would hopefully contain less grammatical mistakes :-)....) is so my husband can understand what am I writing behind his back, since my little blogger sofa is behind his desk.

This blog is just collection of my thoughts on things I face in my new country of residence. You can find here a lot of trivial and useful things about the UK Czech Republic and places we have visited.

The name of my blog is more then obvious. I am a true New York lover and if someone asked me a year and a half two years ago if I would ever leave NY I would tell them they are crazy. And then I met him.....

Photo by: Domagoj Blazevic

And I had my perfect New York fairy tale. One of those true New York stories. Our wedding was Saturday after hurricane Sandy. His flight to NY was even canceled at one point. He and his mom were flying in from the UK, his dad from Spain, my parents from Bosnia, one of my best friends from Chicago and the best photographer ever from Croatia. JFK was closed for at least two days and La Guardia under the water. 

Believe it or not at the end EVERYTHING was PERFECT. I can certainly say that was the happiest day of my life. I HAD SO MUCH FUN, which up to the wedding day I thought was impossible. I always had in mind one of those traditional balkan weddings (which is soooooo much fun if it's not your own :-).....) where you have at least 300 people that you couldn't care less about and a bunch of ridiculous traditions.....don't get me wrong, ridiculous traditions like everywhere else, but being a Balkan girl in NY marrying a Spanish guy gave me an amazing excuse to pick and choose the best of all. You can just imagine the wedding planner at Penthouse 808 when I told her I am not going to have bridesmaids :-). 

I guess after the storm, canceled flight, no electricity at NY City Hall where we supposed to get our marriage certificate, both of us let it all go and decided to enjoy our day. Even if I could do it all over again, I would not change any single detail. 

Photos by: Domagoj Blazevic

Welcome to my journey :-)!


The cake: A Simple Cake
The Dress: Oleg Cassini
Photographer: Domagoj Blazevic

The cover photo of NY on the home page: Bojan Jaksic  


  1. Hey, what a lovely story! Thank you for your comment on our blog page, we will start the Dresden blog post asap, definitely in time for your visit! If you come to Berlin, let me know :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I am very much looking forward to your Dresden posts! Keep in touch!

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